Inner glimpses of Bitcoin Core

A bi-weekly PR Review Club with experienced core contributors to get your hands dirty with Bitcoin Core Development.

The Deets

How does it work

How to participate

  • Stay Updated : Keep an eye on this 'README' to find weekly updates and information about upcoming club meetings.
  • Join the Community : Join the Discord server where the link to join the review club jitsi is shared and where PR-related discussions take place.
  • Engage in Discussions : Each week's topic details will be included in an Issue . Use the issue comments to post questions and participate in discussions regarding the PR or the review process in general.
  • Review Format : We start the review process by checking out the PR and going through the 'Notes and Questions' provided in the topic details.
  • Come Prepared : Prepare your answers before joining the call. Remember, there can be many right answers, and there are no stupid questions.
  • Active Participation : Join the Jitsi room at the scheduled time and actively participate in the conversation during the live call.
  • Final Review Submission : After the review session, submit your final review to the original Bitcoin Core PR thread.


Online virtual club


Bi-weekly, Technical, QnA

Meet Your TAs

Raj Maitra

Raj Maitra


Pen-and-paper engineer turned keyboard warrior in multiple rabbit holes. Often known for making a mess. An actual rabbit.

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Essential Study Material


Common operational steps of Core Review Process

Bitcoin Core Codebase Introductory Tour


Contributing to Bitcoin Core

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Developer Notes

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Introduction to Bitcoin Core Development

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Contributing to Bitcoin Core, a personal account

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Onboarding to Bitcoin Core

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From “Hello World” to Bitcoin Core

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Discord Community

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