Programming Bitcoin Study Cohort

Programming Bitcoin, is an in-depth tutorial on Bitcoin Core, unveils the intricacies of Bitcoin development. Using bitcoin-cli and a local bitcoind regtest node, this comprehensive program guides you from the foundations of Bitcoin operations to the implementation of complex scripting. It is a must-read tutorial to explore the limitless possibilities of Bitcoin. Upon successful completion of the cohort program, participants will receive a certificate recognizing their proof-of-work.


    • Mastery of Bitcoin Programming : Gain comprehensive knowledge of Bitcoin programming and development through hands-on assignments and self-study.
    • Practical Application : Implement your learning in real-world projects and ventures within the BitShala Discord community.
    • Certificate of Accomplishment : Receive a certificate recognizing your proof-of-work and accomplishment in mastering Bitcoin programming.

The Deets

Cohort Details


  1. Familiarity with basic Bitcoin technology. Read through Mastering Bitcoin.
  2. Basic understanding of the Python programming language


Online virtual classroom


Live sessions, once a week QnA


Wallets, UTXOs, Transactions


08 weeks

Cohort Overview

Cohort level: Advanced

This program comprehensively covers chapters 1 to 14 of "Programming Bitcoin," providing participants with a solid foundation in Bitcoin programming and development.

Beyond the cohort, participants are encouraged to actively engage in projects of interest within the BitShala Discord community.

Meet Your TAs

Raj Maitra

Raj Maitra


Pen-and-paper engineer turned keyboard warrior in multiple rabbit holes. Often known for making a mess. An actual rabbit.




Witchcrafting the gossip between Bitcoin nodes. But Pieter Wuille doesn't know its her cat who writes all the code.

Emil Joshy

Emil Joshy


Joined Bitshala to run Bitcoin Core on his Dive Computer. Didn’t work, but he’ll keep trying.

Anmol Sharma

Anmol Sharma


When he is not talking about Bitcoin,he is busy writing code. But let's be honest, he is usually busy talking about Bitcoin.


What will you learn with this study cohort




Week 00


Week 01

Finite Fields and Elliptic Curves


Week 02

Elliptic Curve Cryptography


Week 03

Serializations and Transactions


Week 04

Scripts and Transaction Validation


Week 05

P2SH and Blocks


Week 06

Networking and SPV


Week 07

Bloom filter Segwit


Week 08

Conclusion and Next Step

Study Cohort Structure

The structure of the cohort program is designed for self-study . Each week, participants will be assigned to a group to receive questions related to the scheduled chapters. Participants are expected to study the material, prepare answers to their questions, and actively participate in the weekly group discussion sessions, where they will explain their answers to other participants.

Following the group discussion, Bitshala Teaching Assistants (TAs) will be available for doubt-clearing sessions, providing an opportunity to ask additional questions and clarify any doubts that arose during the study session.

After the group session, participants will be given programming exercises based on the weekly study content. Participants are expected to complete and submit the exercises within the designated timeframe.

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