Learning Bitcoin alone can be a daunting journey.

Join our cohort and find your tribe

cohort #01

Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas M.

Mastering Bitcoin, a foundational tutorial, provides in-depth insights into Bitcoin and its applications, equipping participants with a robust understanding.

cohort #02

Learning Bitcoin From Command Line

Learning Bitcoin via CLI is a comprehensive tutorial series that teaches you how to use Bitcoin Core through the command line.

cohort #03

Bitcoin Protocol Development

BPD delves into the core protocols, offering a deeper theoretical understanding of Bitcoin's technical intricacies, enabling you to contribute to protocol development.

cohort #04

Programming Bitcoin by Jimmy Song

Programming Bitcoin, a comprehensive tutorial on Bitcoin Core, unlocks the intricacies of Bitcoin development.

Live cohorts with like-minded bitcoiners

Whether from India, SEA, or outside, cohorts are the best way to discover other bitcoiners with similar hunger, curiosity, physical location, and technical acumen.

Cohort Community
Structured Cohort

Guided but focussed on self-study

Our curriculum, teaching assistants and assistance is available all the time, for free. But Bitcoin is for sovereign and not sheeps. Only you can teach yourself.

Work at Bitcoin FOSS or ventures

Your contributions during and beyond the cohort can earn you an opportunity to work via BitShala incubated FOSS projects and job board.

Cohort Job Board
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Bitcoin Study Cohorts

You, with fellow learners collectively explore selected texts over several weeks in a structured self-study format. You gain hands-on experience and in-depth insights into Bitcoin’s technical aspects. And also receive certificates to celebrate your wins!

Bitcoin Talk

You get to listen to insightful conversations with experienced Bitcoin developers as they share their journeys, provide valuable advice, and offer suggestions for newcomers in the exciting world of Bitcoin development.

Bitcoin Core Review Club

You get hand-on experience into the inner workings of Bitcoin Core and understand how experienced contributors review PRs. You’ll also develop a deeper understanding of Bitcoin’s design principles while sharpening your adversarial-thinking skills.

Discord Community

Come and become a part of our vibrant community of Bitcoin enthusiasts. Here, you can engage in discussions, challenge ideas, and explore Bitcoin opportunities with like-minded peers passionate about shaping the future of decentralized finance.